The Shade Project advocates for shaded areas in public places by working with local organizations and schools to develop plans to add shade structures to their community spaces, pools, parks and campuses. we help guide project leaders through the project scope and site planning process, obtaining bids, boosting community support and developing a fundraising strategy. Our support also includes access to exclusive discounted pricing and promotion of the shade installation effort on The Shade Project website and social media outlets.

Storage Tents for US Army

Aluminium frame marquees – Aluminium frame tents have no centre poles or guy ropes. This kind of marquee can be erected on almost any surface and adjacent to buildings or annexe tents. The Aluminium frame tent is much more stable and can span a much wider area over pools, flower beds or trees. In the UK this design is the most commonly used style for most retail rentals[citation needed] and can be found being used as temporary structures for storage in retail and military applications.

Car Parking for Ministry of Economy & Commerce
Sheikh Mansoor Hunting Lounge in Morroco
Tensile shading for Children Play Area
Car Parking shade EO & MERAAS Office
Ramadan Tents
Car Parking shade Sharjah Transport
Car Parking shade & Sun shade
Abu Dhabi Airport Car Parking shade & Sun shade
Turkish Embassy Car Parking and shades
Emirates Driving Company Car Parking
Shade for GYM Area
Shade for Park Area
Shade for Mosque
Shade for Various Garden (Parks) in Sharjah
Shade for Children Play are for Canadian School
Shade for Hotel
Shades for School
Shade for Children Play Area
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