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Al Aydi provides party and wedding tents in Dubai. We deal with setting them up and then removing them once your function is over. While we provide reliable and affordable services, we also set up top notch marquees and tents which go with the theme of your event. We have a wide variety of tents and marquees for party and weddings in Dubai. Our past clients testimonials can be viewed on our website. You can view our portfolio during business hours by visiting our office. In this way, you will be assured of the quality of wedding tents in Dubai along with learning about the types of party tents in Dubai.

Creative Landscape

Marquees have gained popularity because people can mold their theme accordingly. It creates a more personalized appeal as it adds a customized touch to the event which ultimately lifts the image of being a one of kind experience. Although, setting up party tents in Dubai requires a lot of effort but you do not have to worry about it because we take care of this hassle and leave you to enjoy your wedding or party. Marquees come with the luxury of styling your wedding. The blank canvas enables customers to fashion their wedding or party according to a particular theme. If the weather is good then you can opt for party and wedding tents without sides. Clear tents can also be used at locations with ideal scenery. People love hanging flowers from ceilings with strings of lights and our tents can bear maximum weight for spicing up your décor.

Every Venue is An Ideal Venue

Another major benefit for using wedding tents in Dubai is that any place can be your venue! You do not necessarily have to book a posh yet expensive wedding hall at the heart of the city. You could pick any place of your choice. It could be in your expansive house or at the beach side or even at outskirts of a city with ample parking space. We only deal with waterproof tents for parties and weddings in Dubai. Although, the weather here is mostly dry but it still helps in saving the event in case of any unexpected drizzle. On the other hand, our windproof tents are the best fit in this weather! We always use spacious marquees for weddings and parties in Dubai because it allows our customers to have sufficient space for eating, mingling and even dancing!

Convenience for Other Arrangements 

With our extensive past experience, we are flexible with any last minute changes. Our party tents can accommodate any number of people. Our chosen size of the tent will work perfectly with your layout. On top of this, the entire layout and position of the wedding and party tent in Dubai will function properly with other arrangements like the heating, cooling, sound system and other electrical equipment. Our team of designers will work with you in selecting the theme and creating an event of your dreams while accommodating you within your budget. You can contact us for price estimates, sample pictures and discuss different ideas regarding the type of wedding and party tent you need in Dubai.

A portable shelter made of cloth, supported by one or more poles and stretched tight by cords or loops attached to pegs driven into the ground.

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