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Tent Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

Al Aydi Tents & Metals Industry, the leading Tent rental and manufacturing company in UAE was established in 1997 and it owns the pride of being the first national factory to manufacture European tents in the Arab world. Recognized for its quality products which meet international standards and surpassed all technical and safety tests, it’s an industry which aims to continuously excel in order to completely satisfy its clients.

"Al Aydi" an outstanding trademark in special and temporary structures is specialized in providing distinguished and tailor-made services. Over the past years, we have gained the experience and expertise to respond in the shortest time-span whilst being the most cost-effective solution provider for all your structural needs.

Al Aydi’s specialist products & services includes: -
  • Pre-Engineered Building Solutions for Military, Aerospace, Farming & Construction Industries
  • Tents (bespoke and regular structures) & Temp Housing for Disaster Relief Camps
  • Tensile Structures
  • Arabic Majlis
  • Parking Shades
  • Rentals
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Our Legends

Mr. Arafa Al Aydi was born in 1939 at Yaffa is an ancient port city of Palestine. In 1948, during the Arab Israel war, His family moved, first to the refugee camp of Gaza and then to the UAE in 1964, after being to Yemen, Egypt & Saudi.

Apart from starting his first construction company in Sharjah, he was into the manufacturing of hollow bricks and also introduced the business of precast building in the UAE, which helped Al Aydi to be experienced in a different mode of construction.

To sustain his business ethics, he moves on and Al Aydi Tents and Metal Industry was established in 1997 and it owned the pride of being the first factory to manufacture European tents in the Arab World.

Today at the age of 80 he still stands as the pillar of our family and our factory. His personality and leadership are the core strength and motivation for our business. Our kids talk about his story they have heard from their uncles and aunts on how, during Gaza migration he held his brother on one hand and his sister on the other, walked through the desert sands, cooled his burning feet, simply proving that the efforts of the sun is just worth a wipe with what he expels out unwanted. What better inspiration to imbibe for a “survival with nothing”! He is not just a business man, But a great father, husband & a wonderful human being who has contributed to the success of many people.

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Mr. Arafa Awad Al Aydi

Founder Chairman

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Mr Saleem Al Aydi

Legal Consultant

Mr Saleem Al Aydi was one of the members who had established the first court in Sharjah Emirate. He worked as a judge since 1969 and later he was assigned to work as a legal consultant for the same court. In 1982 he was assigned by Sharjah ruler His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Al Qasimi to work as a legal consultant in Sharjah Economic Department, which he continued till 1987 and then he was selected by the Sharjah ruler again to be a legal consultant for the Sharjah Ruler's Office.

His achievements and inspiring life has always motivated our leadership team and has helped in creating a strong foundation for Alaydi Metal Industry.

Our Leadership

Mr Othman Al Aydi has extensive experience in Quality management, He started his career with DUBAI in 1993 and was part of the Quality Assurance department. He has over 24 years of experience implementing international management standards in the manufacturing environment.

Mr Othman joined Alaydi Metal Industry in 2016, He is known for fostering a culture and an environment that results in the highest level of commitment to continuous improvement in quality and delivery.

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Mr Othman Al Aydi

Chairman & CEO

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Mr Raja Amjad Kabeer

Operations Manager

Mr Amjad has more than 15 years of managerial experience in Shades and Tensile Structure manufacturing, He is a versatile leader with great team management skill. The first name that we often call for swift decisions, production planning or when we face any quality issues linked to components from suppliers.

Our senior leadership is responsible for leading the company and a team of highly experienced executives from diverse backgrounds focused on delivering real and sustainable value to our clients, our shareholders and our firm.

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A Business or a Concept flagged or standardized above and all over the World, with its ever-envious motto of Trust & Sustainability.


We have selected a long-established word “Ensign” meaning - A flag or A Standard. Collaborated with the motto of our company – Trust and Sustainability, it gives a striking synthesis of tradition, the contemporary and the future.

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sun shade suppliers in uae Our Vision

The historic Journey set forth by the forefathers, taken up down the time by the next generation ,through the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, flagging its identity in the UAE and other Countries unwind the synonyms of our Slogan- “The Ensign over the World” to wonderfully suit the company’s vision with which it made its journey and accomplishments until now. Al Aydi has manifested its standards, power, authenticity, Its signature in the field, its tradition, its influence, its address, its mark and its conquering. In our Slogan is embodied our vision which we took from our forefathers to pervade and to pass it on as a heritage, invaluable.

car parking tents uaeOur Mission

Today we have a Mission - and that is to retain and enhance a vision founded on Trust and Sustainability; a Mission that aggrandized us our SELF. Since our motto – “Trusted and Sustainable”- the adjectives that we claim for ourselves are qualities which the world, comprising of our listed clientele and our business competitors equally long for, it stands essentially desirable as the world stands.

When you are in the lookout for Parking shades and Tents, we are the comprehensive traders un-doubtedly bound to be the World’s Pitstop. Quality is simply the result of our unceasing endeavors with the right engineering solutions and quality standards to meet the diverse intricacies of parking shades and tent making.

Any promising good or service sold has an intrinsic history of untold hardships and unerring persistence. The dedications of our skilled craftsman, thus, abound in soothing solutions; for who would know better to provide the real solace of a trustable and sustainable cover. Our commitment is not just to anchor on quality but to fortify our business from any disguises of compromise for we know that nothing could be more appalling than an untrustworthy and unsustainable merchandise or a trader with that.

We offer customized shades and tents - be it the vast, ostentatious tents perfect for exhibitions or the one that exudes a congenial atmosphere where the family sits together to break their fast during the auspicious month of Ramadan.