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Majlis Tents

Majlis Tents are connected to Arab Culture and Tradition, it was one of the major facets of social life in the Gulf countries. For decades families and friends would gather in a Majlis during sunset. Despite globalization and economic development, the design of the Majlis still remains the same with a few modern twists that reflect the fusion between the Arab and Western worlds.The mats were eventually replaced by handmade carpets and traditional Arab 'Tekay' (Arabic cushions) were introduced with a long rectangular mattress that covers the corners of Majlis that Emiratis called 'Doshak', as guests could sit comfortably for hours. Another common feature of the Majlis is an incense burner including incense such as Oud or Safran. The burner is carried around the room so that guests can enjoy the aroma.

In Al Aydi factory, we manufacture fully customized majlis tents that match our client’s needs. The structure framework isdone using hot dip galvanized steel to withstand rust and corrosion. Interior design, decorations & lighting arrangements are done to reflect the heritage and Culture of Arab world, Inner liningis done using Spanish/Saudi Sadu cloth and for the outer layer we use German machine stitched sha’arto withstand weather elements and is colored black and white.


  • Frame- Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
  • Outer Fabric -German Stitched sha’ar (Goat Hair)
  • Inner Lining Material- Spanish /Saudi Sadu
  • Waterproof Double PVC Coated Polyester Textile
  • Air Conditioner, Lighting as per client requirements
  • Hi-quality electrical wiring
  • High-quality interior decoration