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Canvas / Camping Tent

Canvas Tents are usually used for Camping, they are portable and relatively easy to setup. It has many benefits compared to plastic fabric tents. Modern canvas is usually made from cotton or linen coated with water resistance materials, there are polyester versions as well. These tents are more breathable,quieter and durable compared to Plastic tents. Canvas is also a better insulator than nylon or polyester. Canvas tents do cost more upfront however if properly cared for, a canvas tent can last for a life time.


  • Classic rectangular cabin style canvas tents - Size (3 X 3), (3 X 5), and (5 X 5) mtr.
  • All frame parts are made of galvanized or painted steel pipe
  • Support Poles comes with metal bracket and base plate of 50 mm diameter
  • 5/2 Ropes/loops/ guy runners
  • 5/3 Pegs and accessories
  • The door opening is 1m wide and at 1.70m high from the floor