The First National Factory Manufacturing European Tents in Arab World

Al Aydi Tent & Metal Industry was established in 1997.Recognized as the best tent suppliers in Dubai and Sharjah for their quality products that are upto international standards and surpass all technical and safety tests, It’s an industry which aims to continuously excel in order to completely satisfy its clients.

“Al Aydi” an outstanding trademark in special and temporary structures specializes in providing distinguished and tailor made tent rental services. Over the past years we have gained the experience and expertise to respond in the shortest time-span whilst being the most cost effective solution for all your structural needs. Alaydi has been entitled as the “best tents manufacturers” in UAE by its clients. Alaydi is having a solid working history for tents for rent in Dubai & Sharjah with classical, lively and powerful venue arrangements.

Al Aydi’s specialist services includes:
• Tents (party tents & wedding tents, bespoke and regular structures)
• Tensile structures
• Arabic majlis seating
• Swimming pool shades
• Parking structures
• Canopies
• Air-con rental
• Sun shades
• School shades
• Car parking shades

In order to achieve a perfect finish on all the structures, Al Aydi tents leverages the use of a “one of a kind” Gerber Industrial fabrics cutter which ensures that the fabric used has size accuracy to within thou- sandths of an inch.

The structural accuracy is once again defined by the use of an ultra-high-pressure water jet cutting system. The most innovative cutting technology available in the market ensures consistent precision results which are highly necessary in order to achieve the perfect appeal for any structure.

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